Ningbo FLT Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd has 10 years OEM manufacturing experience in producing various kinds of hydraulic Machinery. For past 9 years, we have accumulated thousands of clients in mainland China, and exported to hundreds of countries through other trading companies, From 2017, We will focus on oversea market, start to do our own trading business, which will benefit more to our customers.
Our Product Range:
*Hydraulic motors( including low speed high torque motors, high speed motors, orbit motors and piston motors)
*hydraulic winches
*hydraulic final drive (gear reducer, speed reducer)
*Hydraulic transmission or systems
*hydraulic hydraulic rotary device
*hydraulic spare parts and components
Besides, our products are equally replace to some very famous brands like:
*Germany REXROTH REXROTH MCR series hydraulic motor, GFT series reducer, etc
*France crane POCLAIN MS series piston hydraulic motor and wheel type motor
*DANFOSS OMPOMROMSOMVOMT etc cycloidal hydraulic motor
*Italy SAI GM series of low speed high torque hydraulic motor
*DENISON CALZONI (DENISON, confining) MR, MRE, etc. Series of low speed high torque hydraulic motor (five-star motor)
*PARKER (PARKER), WHITE (WHITE), EATON (EATON), TG, TE, 2 k, 6 k cycloidal hydraulic motor
*Japanese kawasaki SX series hydraulic motor (five-star motor)
*Italian giuseppe ROSSI ROSSI reducer, bloom pooh RCE series rectangular shaft speed reducer
Our advantages:
*Warranty period: all the products are 1 years warranty period, for some products, like orbit motor and some MS motor, we can provide 2 years warranty period.
*OEM Factory, when you need repair service, it will be easier
*Price, we are OEM, we are comparatively cheaper than the traders.

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